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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Game Review – Detective Storie!

Detective minds will rejoice when they hear that this game fulfills what they want. Only the smartest can solve the mystery, with the most skill, patience, focus, and speed. Do your best and enjoy this game. The name of the game is Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery and here, on our website, you can read our full Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery game review. Find out everything important about this detective kind of game. Down below it all starts. Let’s go!

Gameplay: detailed

You are a private detective. Show them how the case is handled, show them your wisdom. Now, let’s move on to the specific action and problem in the whole story where we will bring you the most important details. The storyline of the game goes like this: you have received a letter from your father, asking for help, and after that, you go to the small town of Redcliff. There is no one in the city, it is completely, totally empty!

Where did all the inhabitants of the city go? What happened to your father? Your task of the game is to figure the whole thing out and to find out the real truth of the though situation. Explore this city, find clues, solve puzzles, open locks to advance your investigation. Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a mixture of escape the room and some classic quests for you to do.

The detective game, Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery, is available for both platforms so it really does not matter if your device has an Android or maybe iOS system, works perfectly everywhere. It is 100% free to download & play! People rated it with 4.5 stars. Start playing today and give them your rating opinion. You can watch the game trailer video here:

Also, on youtube you can find videos ordered by the chapters in the game. If it happens to you to have a problem with some of the chapters, there is a shortcut solution.

Features & Awards

Let’s tell you more about the features here. The levels are fully in 3D, they can all be and should be rotated to inspect them from another angle. Variety of locations are included, the locations from the usual residential building to the ancient scary catacombs. An interactive world that will blow your mind. Many interesting puzzles to solve and to make your brain work at its fullest. This is the true detective story and the story that has such an unexpected plot twists all the time along with it.

Talking about the awards now: TOP twenty – Indie Games Showcase from Google Play. Awards for the Best Mobile Game – DevGAMM’2019, Best Indie Game (Nominee) – DevGAMM’2019 and Excellence in Game Design (Nominee) – DevGAMM’2019! Our Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery game review ends here. Thanks for your attention and trust. Until the next article here – bye!


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