The Main Instagram Updates You Need To Know In 2019!

Today, Instagram is for sure one of the fastest-growing social media existing platforms, in terms of user and engagement. We are talking about the really huge number, over 500 million daily active users and that like button being hit an astounding 4.2 billion times per day. This fast-growing app is determined to keep up with that, so they are always rolling out new features and updates to keep users engaged and ensuring their platform stays relevant. We’ve got close looks at several exciting innovations (IGTV news and similar) that are currently in testing and hopefully coming our way soon. Today, we will show you the latest Instagram updates of 2019, the main ones, that you really need to know to keep up with the app.


IGTV – latest news!


IGTV is a standalone app that allows users to upload long-form, vertical video content that takes up the full screen, so you are not limited to upload the 1min video which people can barely see. The whole idea looks like a television, something is constantly playing while you are going from a channel to another channel. It is true that this one is  standalone app, but there is an integration with the main platform, so it means that all of your followers on Instagram will be notified whenever you share some new content on your IGTV. People really liked this, it took a lot of attention and the number of people using IGTV is constantly rising day by day.

The mentioned integration was just taken a step further, allowing users to share previews of their IGTV videos in the main Instagram newsfeed. This new thing provides an effective way for all of those who want to drive more relevant traffic over to watch the rest of their content. If your wish is to maximize the visibility of your content, now you are able to share a one-minute preview of your IGTV video after uploading the same (there is there is the prompt to “Watch Full Video” so users just click on that and watch your full IGTV video).


Self-harm ban


Instagram’ll be removing any images that violate their new self-harm regulations from now and the goal of this annouance surely is  protecting vulnerable users from seeing and being affected by the images. Most brands will not be strongly affected by this. And… likely aren’t using any sort of images or captions that would make light of any sort of self-harm, but sometimes edgier brands can take things right up to the line and should take note. This really does include healed scars from self-harm or suicide attempts, so if you’re sharing an inspirational story keep it careful. Anyway, this is good that Instagram will be removing such a content, better for all of the users and it also shows how the app is becoming more socially aware of how their platform impacts all of the users.


Direct Messaging Online


The idea is  Facebook merging their WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram direct messaging platforms into one integrated system. This is how user are alowed to potentially connect cross-platform.


This is all from us today. To stay informed about the latest useful info about apps, gaming & tech, stay with us! Have a wonderful da & bye-bye until our next article here!

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