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Racing Fever: Moto Game Review

Do you like speed, race, adrenaline? And, do you want to be the new best driver of the engine? Show people how to ride at the speed of light! Become a master of the race and explain who the boss is! We suggest a race game by name Racing Fever: Moto. Here, you can read our Racing Fever: Moto game review. All of the best info in terms of game’s features, gameplay, tips & tricks are included here and we hope that it will be helpful to all of you. Enjoy reading our game review and then playing this moto game! We believe that you can become the next champion, it is only important that you believe it, too! Let’s start with our review down below.

Gameplay & features

From the manufacturers of Racing Fever comes a brand new motor racing experience that will leave you breathless! In the Racing Fever: Moto game, you have the experience of all the adrenaline, fun and excitement a pair of tires can offer together for you. All of it, blended, comes to blow your gaming mind! With the amazing racing experience and wonderful & cool graphics, you will not be able to put your phone down once you install it, trust us. Check out this youtube video for the best first insight:

In this way, you can make sure of all the nice words that we have told you about the graphic part of the feature. Racing Fever: Moto is a 100% free mobile game! It can be found in a Google Play Store or App Store, Android/iOS, does not matter at all which device you have. Is not that amazing: it works on both systems and is 100% free for both! People really think that this game is great, statistics from both stores showed us their ratings, they gave it 4.5 stars! Such an amazing ratings, right? Of course, all the features of this game justify so good ratings out there.

In the game, you have 4 different camera angles. For a more realistic experience, you are able to play from your racer’s viewpoint if you want to or increase your control on the race using different camera angles (your choice). The motorcycles are so realistically modeled in this game. There are 16 different motorcycles which are different even in the smallest detail for you. Take your pick, improve its performance, alter its design however you want to and finally – start racing! Show us how fast you are! It is a racing adventure with 4 different gang leaders, tens of levels and 4 different control options.

Cool fact: Supported in 23 different languages, so, don’t worry, the game understands and speaks the same language as you! This was our Racing Fever: Moto game review. For more game reviews in the following period – stay tuned! Bye!


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