Play Station 5 – Latest news about new console

Sony confirmed that their next-gen console Play Station 5 won’t be coming in the next 12 months in fact. So, we have a relatively concrete picture of when the hardware could be releasing – a late 2020 release date that comes alongside popular things as Call of Duty and FIFA. How powerful will this PS5 be? Also, it will be compatible with the current version of PlayStation VR which is a good thing. How much will it cost? Well, if it comes with a price £400 – £500, it won’t be such a surprise at all (when we consider all the benefits in terms of specifications with which it will be launched). And the unclear thing here: we do not know whether PlayStation Move controllers and other accessories will work with this new console, we just hope they will all work fine. We will wait Play Station 5 and find out all the details in the coming period.

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