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Merge Plane – Game Review

When you were a kid, you must have wished to be a pilot, a captain, or something like that at least once in your childhood. Become an air giant with our amazing game and take the whole control of your very own parking apron, airline and everything! Get into a new adventure that leaves you breathless and have a lot of fun with this game in your free time. Below is a more detailed description of the game and the important things about it, so, let’s go.

You are here to buy, merge and also manage your planes so what then? Well, then you can make them fly the skies to earn money, hell yeah! Today is your day to start your own and original airline empire, so go for it! You will easily recognize the icon of this game in the Google Play store, the background is blue, actually in a pair of shades, and the main part of the icon is an orange plane with the name of this awesome game: “Merge Plane” (it is not written on the icon but – you will see it next to the icon).

Useful YouTube links for the game called Merge Plane (tricks & tips)


We want to show you some helpful youtube links that will satisfy the curiosity of both: newcomers and those players who have already installed it before some time and play Merge Plane constantly. Maybe you are playing the game and you can not unlock some kind of airplane at the specific level. This link will lead you to unlocking your plane No. 30, if you had some problems with the actual level, here it is:

Wait, wait, oh, what?! Did they just said that all 40 airplanes can be unlocked so easily? You should definitely try this one! Follow the link and watch the video called ,,Merge Plane Click & Idle Tycoon – All 40 Airplanes Unlocked” :

It works, dude! YES! Unlocking problems are now so easy to solve, aren’t they? Simple, fast, efficient and fun, youtube can help a lot with any game that exists in the whole world – and that’s why we love youtube!

Okay, maybe we had a quick start with these links, obviously they were mostly made for more experienced players. But hey, do not worry about anything, because we also have some stuff that we need to help many of our beloved beginners who we recommend this fun. As with any other game, the gameplay video is something that benefits from the very beginning. If you love to know what is waiting for you at what level, watch this gameplay video for Merge Plane:

Try an awesome profit increase in the game, follow the steps:

We hope you liked our article about the game Merge Plane and that we were useful for the beginners & experienced players all over the world. Stay tune ladies (first) and you guys!


img of download link 1     img of download link 2

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