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Love Island: The Game – Review (Season 1)

We wish you a great welcome in our Love Island the Game review. Do you love to play some roleplay kind of games? Want to feel the adventure and make your own decisions which will lead to your own original story? Would you love to leave your original mark here? Well, it is your lucky day, we have something new, special and super-fun for you! Take on the role of a female character-contestant on the hot show. You will be able to live your very own Love Island experience and enjoy it. Also, there are 10 other hot singles. Young men’s names are Mason, Levi, Tim, Jake…

You are going to join them  and the choices you make will determine the way the story unfolds. Kiss, ignore or do whatever to whoever you want to. Practically, you are the controller of every situation, drama, complication, and the curiosity of your story. You will be able to choose outrageous outfits, play some cheeky challenges and get grafting. Go ahead, pick your best partner in tense recouplings and get the chance to share the most intimate moments with them. Sounds great, hm?

Let’s talk about this for a little bit: What is so interesting about role playing itself? Well, you have the opportunity to be a person in the interior of a given environment, make decisions and see what the outcome of some specific situation would be. These outcomes might have happened to you in case you act like that in the real life. This game is such a social type, based on real behavior, socializing, quarrel, seduction, love and other things.

What could be the source of the idea of making these games for your androids/ios? For example, there is the same-named reality show (,,Love Island”) <-[click here for more detailed info about it] that is happening at such a wonderful place – a gorgeous villa in Majorca. The reality show is broadcast on ITV2 television and it consists 12 single participants. When we look at everything in its entirety, the game is in some way the virtual reality of the show.

As ,,Fusebox Games” motto goes: ,, Live the stories you love!” Download Love Island: The game from Google Play or AppStore, instal & play it on your phone in your free time. Let your day be a lot funnier with this game. Have your very own virtual-holiday romance and make the best decisions for you. It should also be noted that this game is really high-rated, people love it and most of their impressions and reactions are awesome.

Babies, get ready – the hottest virtual adventure of your life is just in front of your eyes! You can find bunch of tricks and reliefs for your game on the internet. Experience the thrill of the chase, the temptation of love and all the sizzling drama in between all the time!



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