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Love Island: The Game (Season 2) Review

We assume you’re a fan of the show known by the name “Love Island”. It is a reality show that has a huge audience! Although, even if you are not a fan of the same, it does not stop you from loving this phenomenal game inspired by the same show, and today we are talking about the 2019 version (released: June 6, 2019). We have already described the Love Island The Game review, but now, you must see all about the new version! Below you can read the following: “Love Island 2019 – what is new?”, so it is a Love Island The Game 2019 Season 2 game review.

Love Island: The Game – what is new in Season 2?

Are you here just to make some new friends or will you do whatever it takes to find your true love – even if it means including some crazy drama along the way to your goal? Be brave, try new relationships, start drama if you feel it needs to be like that, make new friends… the choice is yours! You will compete in cheeky challenges a lot of time. Go on steamy hot dates, only your decision is to choose who stays, and who gets dumped from the Love Island’s big villa.

Live the story you love and love the story you live in because you are its creator! Don’t just watch the romance go and make your very own romance in this wonderful place. Be part of the drama if needed and spice in the official Love Island mobile game. Trust us, this summer is about to be the hottest summer of your entire life!

Now, let’s bring this topic to the actual new features, here we go:

Yes, you are able to play over 150 episodes spread across 2 exciting unique seasons! Have fun and hang with a wide selection of boys and girls. NEW CHARACTERS: Meet Arjun, Blake, Bobby, Carl, Chelsea, Elijah, Elisa, Felix, Gray, Graham, Emilly, Hannah, Lottie, Henrik, Hope, Ibrahim, Jakub, Jo, Siobhan, Kassam, Lucas, Marisol, Noah, Priya, Rocco and Shannon!

Show us how capable you are to fit into any medium, situation, drama or twisted story! Think strategically and make the best decisions for your character. Do whatever it takes to find your love and create romantic chaos! Create an original collection of such hot outfits with the brand new wardrobe feature in 2019 game! Finished the story already? No problem, anyway, you can always go back and re-live the story by making many different choices. If you are curious, this will be fun for you! The important information is that this game is free, completely. You can download it for your iOS or Android device and enjoy your hot summer time! Be original, creative, and imaginative. Only the bravest finish well what they set out to do!

Check out this youtube video and see how this game looks like :

The video is pretty useful and on the same channel, they have recorded and described more than just a one day. This was our Love Island The Game 2019 game review, with all of the most important info about this latest version. Also, you can read our review for Love Island: The Game (Season 1). Hope you liked it. For more – stay tuned! Bye!

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