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Love Island: the Game Characters – Season 2

Hello everyone! We have already described the details of the game in our Love Island the Game review. Now, let’s find out who is going to share a great villa with you! Yes, we have described everything you need to know about Love Island: the Game characters (season 2 characters). One by one will be introduced to you down below. Realistically, why go unprepared when you can know everything about them now? Here we will give you details on each one, where he/she comes from (hometown), where he/she works at, and when he/she came and left the villa & similar to that … By the most basic information, you can conclude various things. We hope this article means you get to know the characters, let’s go!

Let’s meet the Season 2 Characters!

Meet 24 years-old guy Arjun. He is a character from Season 2 of the Love Island game. Entered Casa Amor on Day 14 and has two different fates. Left on Day 17 (Determinant). His occupation is dogs, he’s a dog groomer and influencer. Hometown – from Norwich, England. Arjun has dark skin and has a dog head tattoo on his left arm.

Blake is a 22-year old girl from Kensington, England. Her occupation is determined by the player’s choice of occupation. So, the player is asked about everything, choose from the given choices: graduate student, singer & songwriter, human rights campaigner, beauty blogger. She is also the season 2 character who entered at day 14 but got dumped from the island on Day 18.

The one who enters the villa on Day 1 is called Bobby, who works as a hospital caterer in his private life. Bobby is a 24-year-old guy and his hometown is Glasgow (Scotland). His status – Participating, not dumped as the first two mentioned. Somehow he is an all-time-here character. Maybe he’s the man of your dreams? Belongs to the new season 2 as all of them we talk about here.

Meet Carl who is a 29-year old black-haired guy, Tech Entrepreneur from Dublin (Ireland). Day 14 is when he enters. But, he lefts on Day 17 (status: Participating / Dumped (Determinant)). He has magnificent blue eyes deep as the ocean that can make all the ladies fall! Are you going to fall in love with him? Play and find out!

Chelsea comes from Buckinghamshire, England. Her profession interior decorator. She is 24 years old. Enters on Day 10 and stays with the status of a participant. Maybe you will hang pretty well with this blondie? Who knows, play it and see.

Elijah is a 27-year old who works as a Hairdresser and model. This guy comes from Watford, England. He wears glasses. If you love the nerdy but at the same time hot look, you’ll love this one.

Let’s move on the other one, meet Elisa is a 22-year old girl, she works as a social media influencer and her hometown is London, the capital of England. Her complexion is quite dark and looks fantastic, this girl is on fire!

Other character’s names are the following: Felix, Gray, Jakub, Jo, Kassam, Lottie, Lucas, Marisol, Noah, Priya, Rocco, Shannon, Ibrahim, Hope and Henrik. Make the best choices. Be a part of Love Island game. Use your originality, imagination, creativity, and romance of your soul! Just be strategic and smart, be the center of attention. Blend into the environment, figure out who the best character for your taste is, and attract your loved one. This was our article about the Love Island the Game review for Season 2 (2019) characters. Also, you can read Season 1 review. For more game reviews, characters descriptions and similar – stay tuned, bye!

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