Huawei Mate X won the award for the best connected mobile device!

Let’s talk about a new mobile device that’s really special! The amazing smartphone – Huawei Mate X, a flexible 5G device, won the prestigious GSMA Award of the “Best Connected Mobile Device of Mobile World Congress 2019” at the mobile congress and it all happened in Barcelona, 2019. Some of the most important features of this device are the Falcon Wing mechanical joint, the leading 5G communication capability and the awesome Huawei SuperCharge phone charging technology.

Who actually awards this special wonderful prize? Well, it is given by the organizer of the GSMA Association, for new mobile products or those who are yet to come out. This award represents the highest recognition in the creation of future technologies. Huawei won numerous GLOMO awards at the MWC19 (World Mobile Congress 2019), including the “Best Smartphone of the Year” for the leader in its class and refers to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

GLOMO Awards – 2019 event


“We congratulate all the winners nominated for the GLOMO 2019 Awards, the GSMA Association,” said John Hoffman, CEO, GSMA Ltd. “GLOMO Awards are a testament to the incredible innovation and imagination shaped by our industry, and chosen by our reputed jury is truly outstanding. We thank all participants, judges, sponsors and partners for supporting the GLOMO Awards for 2019.”

“This is one of the most exciting years with the strongest competition when it comes to awarding the best New Connected Mobile Device on the MVC 2019, which can be concluded and drawn from the selection of the decision that Huawei Mate Ks introduced the most innovations and helped move categories of smartphones into a new era. The combination of a flexible screen and the introduction of 5G technology impressed the judges in making decisions about difficult decisions, “the GSMA Association said.

“On behalf of our entire Huawei team, I would like to thank the GSMA Association for the award, including Mr. John Hoffman, his director and his team. We are very happy and honored.” This year, 5G arrived and includes devices, networks, chipsets. the year in which we transform the way we connect, bringing new and incredible opportunities to the lives of all of us, said Kevin Ho, President, Handset Business, Huawei Consumer Business Group.


More specs info


The Huawei Mate X is really the fastest 5G Flexible phone in the world! It is the unique and first super-link to connect customers to the 5G network! When it comes to the shape of a traditional mobile phone, these innovative cutting-edge technologies change the look and feel of it in complete. You will see something that you have not previously, therefore, it is expected that the others will go a similar way in terms of the shape of the device from now on. Wanna check out how the future in terms of smartphone shape looks like? Check out how Huawei Mate X looks like here, click on the youtube link:

(the video includes a lot of useful info, so listen to the whole story and get to know this device even more in terms of its specs) . Just amazing, what do you say?

Next good fact is that from the moment of its launch, this phenomenal device has been accepted very well by the world’s media. So far, he received awards from as many as 30 international global media from different countries and regions.

That would be all from us, for today. To stay informed about the latest news about gaming and tech, stay with us! Bye, bye! Have a wonderful day!

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