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Happy Glass – the game! Game Review

Are you looking for a new game that will fill your head-relaxation time in a nice way? You are the lucky one because you found our article with such an amazing ,,new game to play” idea! We were considering what would be the most appropriate new proposal for the game and we have decided. Our choice of new entertainment is precisely this game – the new game called ,,Happy Glass”. Here, you will be able to read some more detailed informations about it (specs, features, similar) but also – tricks & tips.

Now, let’s get into the actual describing with more details. The game is called Happy Glass, so, we have the main thing- the glass. This glass behaves like a person – has a mood. It’s mood varies from the saddest to the happiest accordance with the gameplay, and soon you are about to find out how and why.


Gameplay and more similar informations


Happy Glass can be categorized as puzzle game. Your glass is placed in the appropriate place and yor task is to draw a good line to make the glass filled up with liquid. The mood of your glass gets better and better with the level that liquid reaches at the actual moment so – when the glass is completely filled up to it’s top – the glass is the happiest thing in the world. It will give you an amazing, honest and huge smile in the name of the successfully passed level!

Of course, it will not always be easy and immediately noticed the best – optimal solution of each level. Think, be smart, creative at the same time as this will lead you to a sure win in this kind of game. The line you draw is a line that represents the path of the fluid, therefore – do not allow the liquid to spill anywhere – it just needs to end up inside the glass to make a smile come back again! Happy Glass has dynamic mechanism and the game is pretty challenging one. Sure it is easy to get the point but hard to become a master.

This game already has a lot of levels, but we have information that new levels will be released soon! Relax, have fun and turn your thoughts from everyday concerns away with this fantastic new game you can find in Google Play Store. Download is FREE, cost you nothing. People rated the game 4.3 stars in the global average. So go ahead, download and install this amazing thing as soon as you can. Don’t waste a minute from now! Happy Glass is waiting for you to become a brand new master of the gameplay.

Important youtube links about the game


Talking about the youtube videos, first we are about to lead you to the basic thing – video trailer of the game, click here to see it:

After this video, check out Happy Glass trick and tips video, we are sure that this one is going to serve you well, here is the link:

And if you are already a player of this game, you probably did not know about some of these tricks, they are useful, indeed. You should try all of them.

We hope that our article has helped you find a new game that will fill your free time and make you happy (as you will make your glass happy again). As soon as we find out about any news, new levels and updates related to this game, be sure that we will notify you immediately. Have a wonderful day, our dear gamer. Play Happy Glass and also – stay with us! Bye, bye!



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