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Golf Battle Game Review – New fun for your Android or iOS!

Do you love to play sport games on your mobile device? Well, you are on the right place if you are searching for some new fun! We recommend you to try new, amazing and also, pretty addictive game known by the name ,,Golf Battle”. Continue reading the article if you want to check out our game review which is about Golf Battle. People really love this game, they have rated it with 4.7 stars. It could be said that everything you need to know about this game is just down below, so, here we go now.

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Golf Battle is the game made for Android & iOS by Miniclip, you are able to play it anywhere. This sports game guarantees you a good spare time in the right place, because you will have fun. You can challenge some real players from around the world,  and we are sure that you can make it to the top & shine bright. Come on and gather your best friends & play 1v1 mode or with up to 6 Facebook friends (all of you together). Talking about the controls, we can say that they are not just easy but super easy! Intuitive gameplay will bring you a lot of fun time.

Wake up, golf guy/girl and beat your opponents to the hole. Prove to all of them that you are one, only and unique king of the golf course with an awesome & original skills! First, you have such a basic mode called: Classic mode where you need to get to the hole in the fewest shots possible. Or: here is the second one, where you need to race to the hole in the fastest time. This one is called: Rush mode. Play this game, trying to make your progress as fast as possible, so you can unlock new, phenomenal levels that will leave you breathless on the basis of the skills you gain day by day!

Few more words about the features, you also have awesome 3d graphics to see in, possibilities to win prizes and some powerful golf gear. All of the clubs that you own in the Golf Battles game can be upgraded. Here is the game trailer from youtube, click on the link to see it:

And yes, check out this video, too:

if you want to make it to the very top of the world!

We hope that our article was useful and interesting for you to read and see something new. Stay with us and we will keep you informed about the latest gaming and tech news worldwide. Honestly, we really try to be the first ones who inform you about the latest informations and helpful news. So, trust us and stay here, bye, bye!



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