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F1 MOBILE RACING – Game Review

Since you were a child, you loved cars, engines, speeds, races? You are the one who is always for action, maximum speed and overcoming borders? Adventurer, we have the right thing for you! Prepare to install a game that will leave you breathless and – which will also become part of your everyday life! Simply, it’s a very addictive game! So let’s introduce it, our article is about the game named F1 MOBILE RACING, a new game packed with everything that we’ve mentioned so far, now, we go on to a detailed review of the game below.

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You can download and install F1 Mobile Racing completely free, it costs nothing. It’s  a 4.2 stars rated game, people love it. Prepare your iPhone or iPad for an awesome actions and supersonic speeds. You are able to develop and also customize your own F1 car from the ground up. Race for one of the ten official F1 teams, challenge your opponents and show them who is the boss here. Play multiplayer duels to compete with the players from all around the world and socialize, meet some new friends! The game really guarantees a real fun for more people!

You can play in real-time 1v1 races with the players around the world that we just mentioned. Beat them all and make your own way to the top leagues, our dear racer. Keep collecting the appropriate parts to upgrade your car’s performances, have the best racing car of all the time. Looking at the graphics, we can say it is amazing and great! The creators truly did their best work to make it executive. You will get the feeling of some real life racing and there are gorgeous visuals. There are some time limited events in the game.

To get a better view of the graphics and see it yourself, look at the following video:

See the very first F1 Mobile Racing impressions. Now, here is the video of the well known mega pack opening in the game, you should check this video, too:

Talking about what do we have new here, the most important information is that F1® Mobile Racing is now officially available worldwide! Yes, the news are amazing! Now, go, install it and do not waste any second more. Master the game and show them how fast you are. As time passes, you will get better and better control over your F1 racing car. We know that you will like F1 Mobile Racing, it’s just brilliant.

We hope that our article which is about F1 Mobile Racing was useful and interesting to all of you. Stay with us and we will keep you informed about the latest gaming and tech news. Bye!



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