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Bricks Breaker Quest Game Review

Of corse, again, you are looking for a new cool game to play and fill your free time. You’ve played many games and now you want something new, something superior and something addictive! Also, it is important for you to draw attention to the game, to the maximum, to require readiness and skill from you. You are in the right place and we have an ideal proposal! Why do not you try Bricks Breaker Quest? It is the definition of an awesomeness. Let’s meet you up with the brand new game called Bricks Breaker Quest with our Bricks Breaker Quest game review down below.

Gameplay and features

If you are interested in checking out how this whole gameplay looks like and works, check out this youtube video:

(Bricks Breaker Quest – 204 level cleared, 3 stars) , but do not watch the whole video if you want to be the solver yourself, because this player cleared a lot of levels here and he also showed the tactics.

How to play Brick Breaker Quest? This ball in the game will fly wherever you touch the rute for it. You need to clear the stages by removing bricks on the board. Go hard and break the bricks, never let them hit the bottom, never! Find best positions & also the best angles to hit every single brick out there. There are tons of stages. Various types of balls – not only one ball, that would be so boring. We can say that it is easy to play and has the simplest game system, designed for one handheld gameplay.

Pretty important fact about this game is that Bricks Breaker Quest is completely free! You can find it in a Google Play Store or App Store, Android/iOS, does not matter at all which device you have, it works on both systems and is 100% free for both. People really think that this game is great, statistics from both stores showed us their ratings, they gave it 4.5 stars which is such a wonderful grade! This was our Bricks Breaker Quest game review and we hope that you liked it and that the game review was useful & helpful to you all. We will keep on providing you with the best information & the latest at the same time, in the time that is just perfectly right. Expect to see a huge number of the latest games and their reviews in the following period. Also, there will be the latest updates info about all the games that we do game reviews about all the time, count on it 100%. To keep yourself informed about the latest news from gaming & tech world – say tuned – stay with us!


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